Onye Ubanatu Captures The Powerful Essence Of African Unity With A Samsung S8, Must Watch!


Creativity, an entity dangling endlessly in the atmosphere, with no boundaries, limits or definition. Creativity is being insane, creativity is seeing and thinking like you are not seeing or thinking. Of course, Kwame Nkrumah is a household name to every African and none Africans who are conscious of the legends of the land and it’s great history, a revolutionary Ghanaian leader that championed Pan-Africanism to the very core, and even more.

It is amazing to know that African creative entrepreneurs and purpose driven content creator like Onye Ubanatu are taking the content creation and creative expression to a whole different level; a level where there will be no excuse to let loose, no room for doom, no box or hox, a level where you won’t have to limit yourself to what you have or get, a level where the unknown voices are continually screaming in your head “Create! Create! Just Create!” when it comes to telling the African story from a place of strength.

To Imagine that the video you are about to watch, in less than three minutes captures the very core essence of what the African Legend, Kwame Nkrumah, lived and fought for – in clear pictures and motion, reminding the newer generation of the importance of AFRICAN UNITY.

This short documentary triggered to enlighten and re-enlighten the African child was shot with a digital smart phone (Samsung S8), yes, you heard me right, this video was shot by the creative beast who is a multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur and with a, multiple skill set in the creative industry. Onye Ubanatu is challenging whoever needs to create content to move away from the need to dwell on excuses or limitations.

 “Create! Create! Just Create!”

Enjoy the Video Below


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