Burna Boy Says “Only Fela Kuti does Afrobeat” And Reveals What Other Artists Do


In a UK interview with BeatFM, London Burna Boy talked about his music, previous shows and how music should be considered successful.

He said in the interview that he is shocked as to why people judge the success of music on the number of streams it amasses rather than the impact the song makes on the lives of people, when you look at numbers what feelings do you get?”

Burna also revealed that there is no artiste anywhere that does Afro-Beat, he said Afro-Beat should only be attributed to Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and noone else.

He further said that what other artistes do is afro-fusion, afro-swing etc. In his words he says “Afro-Beat is not what you are hearing today, that’s not Afro-Beat. Afro-Beat is one person and one person only and that’s Fela Anikulapo-Kuti…”

Burna boy did not only stop there, he also talks about why it is important for an artiste to go back to his root (home country) in order to be accepted outside of it. He says ” You have to go and see, and know and understand and become…”

Watch Interview Below



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