2019: Buhari Promises To Overhaul Education, Remodel 10,000 Schools As He Begins Campaign


Buhari starts campaign by unveiling that he promises to rebrand at least 10,000 schools across Nigeria if he eventually wins the 2019 election – He says his administration is committed to deepening the achievements it had recorded in the last three and half years.

At the launch of ‘The Next Level’ campaign to mark the launch of his campaign ahead of the election, Buhari said: “Perhaps our biggest ambition yet, is the overhaul of our education sector. Every child counts and whatever it takes to prepare our teachers’ curriculum and classrooms to attain the right educational goals to grow our country, will be done. “We will remodel 10,000 schools every year and retrain our teachers to impart science, technology, engineering, arts and Mathematics using coding, animation in the curriculum.” 




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